Practical technologies to reduce flooding

Flood affects huge number of people worldwide causing losses of life and damage to the property.

Source: Practical Action

Flood reduction requires analysis of the causal factor, preventive and protective measure adopted to reduce flooding. 

It is important that the measures to reduce flooding have to be well identified and acted upon from policy to practice. The efforts need to be planned and adopt a holistic approach to reduce the overall impact of the flood. Protective works should consider and promote local knowledge and resources for sustainability and also to ensure cost-effectiveness of the structure.


To achieve control over flow and height of water carried by the river, some physical alterations is required in channel, flood plain or watershed which includes: construction of damsretention basinslevees/ flood walls, channel improvement (straightening, deepening, widening, lining with concrete) etc. Afforestation increases the interception thus reducing the runoff. Read more at bioengineering measures

Landuse planning, Zoning, designated Floodways and building codes helps to prevent/ reduce the serious impacts of flooding.

Along with accessing the risk and planning for the emergency, flood proofing (dry flood proofing and wet flood proofing),flood forecasting and flood insurance also helps to reduce the impact of flooding.



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