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Learning for climate resilience programming: BRACED & Bond Resilience Learning Group workshop lessons

In September 2018, the DFID-funded Building Resilience and Adaptation to Climate Extremes and Disasters (BRACED) programme and the Bond Resilience Learning Group hosted a workshop to explore what has been learned from designing and delivering large-scale climate adaptation and resilience programmes to date. The aim of the workshop, which brought together climate resilience practitioners and donors from over 25 organizations, was to consider recommendations for future resilience programming by exploring some of the approaches deemed fundamental to supporting resilience and considering how programmes can be adaptive to changing and challenging contexts. This report summarizes discussions from the workshop and provides lessons for designing and delivering future resilience programmes.
Auteur: BRACED;Bond;et al
Langue: English
Publié par: BRACED and Bond
Publié sur: July 2019

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