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Strengthening community flood resilience in Senegal: Learning from the 2020 floods in Thiès

This executive summary is based on a Zurich Flood Resilience Alliance Post Event Review Capability (PERC) study analyzing the impacts of the 2020 floods in Thiès, Senegal. The study, developed by Practical Action and the Institute for Social and Environmental Transition – International (ISET), focuses on why the extreme rainfall events and ensuing floods resulted in a disaster in Thiès. It draws on 15 interviews with stakeholders from government agencies, NGOs, community based organizations, and academics, as well as a review of secondary sources, to highlight key opportunities for building resilience.
Auteur: Ndiaye, A.;Diene, P. I.;Pestalozzi, A.;Norton, R.
Langue: English
Publié par: ISET International
Publié sur: March 2022

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